27-Layer Butter Croissant

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27-Layer Butter Croissant Arissto Signature Bread

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ARISSTO’s 27-Layer Butter Croissant is crafted with a unique premium recipe and has authentic French AOP Butter laminated into the dough as it is folded 27 times. This makes the croisstant exceptionally crispy as each of the layer is baked to perfection. Inside, a soft and airy honeycomb structure remains.

27 层牛油香Croissant
我们以独特的配方制作ARISSTO 27层酥皮牛油牛角面包,当中也采用了 “38小时神奇面团” 。 ARISSTO将纯正法国AOP牛油溶于面团中,制成含有27层酥皮的精品牛角面包。其外皮酥脆,内芯呈蜂巢状,极度松软,极度美味。

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